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What We Do

Business Management

We are committed to our customers in all stages of their business:

  1. Planning
  2. Management
  3. Review
  4. Evaluation

Our team of professionals offers assistance and knowledge to establish a successful business in Indonesia


Business Intelligence

In an increasingly digitalized world, business environment in Indonesia still offers many challenges to investors and entrepreneurs in obtaining certain high level information.

We assist our customers to tap into the market pulse, finding market intel that google cannot, such as competitor mapping and positioning, right pathway to reach the decision makers in very effective and efficient way, key success factors, and other extraordinary information related to particular projects and advising customers to make an informed choice to achieve their objectives and business targets.


Strategic Advisory

Navigating bureaucracy and finding the right strategy in the local economy can be a great challenge for anybody.

With our diverse background, our team is well equipped to offer consultancy and advisory services to investors and entrepreneurs alike to navigate the business environment in Indonesia including high level contact and close relationship with each project owner so that your business will sail on smoothly.


Business Analysis

Opportunities may present themselves at any time and GII will be able to support in making a thorough business analysis:-Financial analysis

  1. Business model analysis
  2. System analysis
  3. Optimizing business process

Including engaging with the best professionals from related institutions and firms for each project.



Synergy between the three founders with their respective backgrounds provide a wide range network of individuals, companies, government institutions and organizations.

We strive to connect the most suitable opportunities and contacts to our customers and help them to exploit our network to their advantage.