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Our company is able to assist investors and entrepreneurs around the globe to establish successful businesses in Indonesia, in line with their own objective and business target as well as their risk appetite.


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Business Management

Our team of professionals offers assistance and knowledge to establish a successful business in Indonesia.

Business Intelligence

In an increasingly digitalized world, business environment in Indonesia still offers many challenges to investors and entrepreneurs in obtaining certain high level information.

Strategic Advisory

Navigating bureaucracy and finding the right strategy in the local economy can be a great challenge for anybody.


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Past Projects & Cooperations

  1. Cooperation With CDRI (Commerce Development Research Institue), Taiwan, for Infrastructure  Investment Projects,
  2. Cooperation With TABC, (Taiwan- Asia Business Council), Taiwan, and Dragon Capital, a special purpose company of TABC on Infrastructure Investment Projects
  3. Cooperation with Avic International, China, EPCF for Ports & Airports facilities and infrastructure development projects
  4. Cooperation with CGGC (China Ghezouba Group of Companies ), EPCF for basic infrastructure projects in Indonesia
  5. Cooperation with Inspur Ltd, China, agency for Inspur products (IT-based) in Indonesia
  1. Cooperation with NU (Nahdhatul Ulama) group and Japan Ministry of Fisheries to enhance technology of fisheries business in Indonesia (including support for marine schools).
  2. Cooperation with NRI (Non resident india), chapter UK. GII is one of the sponsors of the Mahatma Gandhi Award at NRI Anniversary, London 2018
  3. In collaboration with WWLC (World Women Leading Change), GII as a sponsor of WWLC first edition book launching at the British Parliament, London
  4. Cooperation with Aspire Group, Dubai, on Property Invesment Projects
  5. Cooperation with Izodom Group, UK, on Property Investment Projects
  1. Advisory service on Ubud Project (Divesment of assets/shares in W-Ubud Bali and fundraising for completion of the project )
  2. Analysis & review on MG Project, a Bali holistic property project in Buleleng, Bali, which financed through membership scheme
  3. Advisory Service on Market review for 6-star resort in Bali
  4. Shares Acquisition project on coal mining company (with IUP) Central Kalimantan
  5. Analysis and review on the rubber plantations project in Boven Digul, Papua, to enhance the condition of ex palm plantation  soil
  6. Advisory Service on fundraising project for supply of special army cars, cooperation with one Persero company in Bandung, West Java, and Indian Brand vehicles company
  7. Advisory service on Green Housing Project, fundraising  on landed residential project in northen part of Bandung
  8. Advisory service on Fabrics & Garment integrated plant relocation from China to Indonesia, cooperation with CDRI
  9. Advisory service for PT. MN (subsidiary of SOE Teleco company) on company fundraising program
  10. Cooperation with one Teleco Group to develop platform for one commercial bank to finance palm plantation farmers through digitalization program
  11. M&A advisory projects for financial institutions (banks, multi finance)



Ongoing Project

  1. Advisory service on one SOE Property company on asset divestment projects (cooperation with Supreme Group – UK)
  2. Advisory service on HSD & Asphalt company on pre-IPO bridge financing (collaboration with  consortium EWDV, NY).
  3. Advisory Service on UMKM digitalization pilot project in North Sulawesi (through sister company, PT BUJM)
  4. Advisory service on Distressed Asset projects of some banks
  5. Advisory service on Finance Company M&A
  6. Advisory service on PT. BM on shares divestment project (Cuprum IUP)
  7. Cooperation with House of Indonesia-Australia for export and import products from both countries
  8. Advisory service on M&A of some Nickel, Gold and Coal IUP companies
  9. Distributor for Kopi Abah, for coffee export market
  10. Distributor of Mobile Water Treatment Plant, ETERA – Alpha
  11. Advisory service on bank’s share acquisition & divestment project
  12. Fundraising and share divestment of Toll Road project
  13. Advisory service for mineral suppliers to provide raw materials for smelters
  14. Fundraising for developers to finance the construction of affordable housing

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